Flyway Carpet Cleaning

"We don't cut corners, we clean them!"

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

One cornerstone of our business is commercial carpet cleaning services. We proudly serve the Beaver Dam, Burnett, Columbus, Fox Lake, Randolph, Waupun, Fond du Lac, North Fond du Lac, and Oshkosh areas. From big businesses to one employee businesses, we have you covered. You can schedule regular appointments to have your carpets looking great or as needed. Our after business hours services are loved by dozens of businesses in our service area. Our emergency services are utilized in the event of an accident on your carpets dozens of times year round.

See our Floor Cleaning Page to see our process of cleaning carpeted and hard surfaces!


Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

We service homes with 1 bedroom to homes with 5 bedrooms and entire apartment complexes. Whether a child spilled juice on your nice carpet, you’re having a family gathering, have pet odor, pet stains, or just want to see your carpets look almost new we have you covered.

Did you find water in your finished basement and need it out as soon as possible before any more damage is done? We’re the place to call! See our Carpet and Upholstery Page to see what other services we offer that you’d need.

We do offer emergency services in case life happens and you need your carpet cleaned as soon as possible.

We offer fast, thorough and competitively priced services homes in Beaver Dam, Burnett, Columbus, Fox Lake, Randolph, Waupun, Fond du Lac, and North Fond du Lac.

 Our Process 

Marking the Stains

We walk around the area(s) that you want cleaned and mark where the stains are prior to cleaning.

Spray the Area with Cleaner

We spray the area(s) you want cleaned with a chemical that is safe for your pets and children.


We take our industrial cleaner and go over the entire area(s) you requested to be cleaned.

Follow Up

If by any chance the stain is not fully removed or the carpet remains wet after 24 hours call us. We will resolve any issues that come up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you clean offices when clients have accidents on them?

A: Yes. Often times we will try to fit you into our schedule immediately so your workday will continue to flow like nothing happened.

Q: When you clean car interiors will you come to my place of employment?

A: Yes. We will come to your home or your place of employment to clean the interior of your vehicle.

Q: Do you offer emergency appointments for flooding, accidents, or other emergencies?

A: We do our best to serve all of our customers for any reason they need us. If we are able to rearrange our schedule to get your emergency resolved we will.


What kind of clients do you work with?
We work with residential homes and commercial offices. We clean anything from a small stain to an entire home or office.
How much lead time do I need to give to make an appointment?
Depending on the situation we may be able to fit you in on the same day. On average our lead time is about 1 week.
Do you offer regular maintenance cleanings?
We certainly do! Regular cleanings save on normal wear and tear on carpeting.

I have used Flyway Carpet Cleaning for nearly 6 years. I have him clean the carpets on my stairs and living room in my apartment as well as my car interior at least once a year. They’re very dependable and trustworthy. I have given Bruce the key to my apartment and left the state for a few days. When I came home my apartment smelled great and the carpets looked better than the day I moved in.


IT Professional, PC Systems Around You, LLC

Bruce was referred to me by a co-worker. My husband was coming home from a long stay at a hospital, so we wanted to make the house look as good as we could. We scheduled Bruce to come in to clean our carpets while we were out and when we got home our house smelled great and our old carpets looked brand new! We couldn’t be happier!

Jane B

Our 36 gallon fish tank had a seam go out. We didn’t notice until 3 or 4 gallons already was on our floor. I called Flyway Carpet Cleaning right away and talked to Bruce. He rearranged his schedule to take care of our emergency situation. We couldn’t believe how fast he got to our home and helped us. Very impressed!!

Alicia H