Founded in 1994 by Jim Firehammer, Flyway Carpet Cleaning quickly became a household name in carpet cleaning in the Dodge County area. Jim was a one-man master of the carpet cleaning industry and provided personalized customer service to many residents and businesses until 2008, growing the business with his wife Mary Ann. In 2008, Jim retired and his son-in-law, Bruce Kaufmann purchased the thriving business from Jim. Bruce left the corporate world and began following in Jim’s footsteps providing exceptional customer service to Jim’s loyal customers and new customers too. He quickly learned the tricks of the trade and grew the business to new heights. Flyway now serves Dodge, Columbia, Fond du Lac, Dane, Washington and Green Lake counties and offers more services than ever.



Bruce is the owner of Flyway Carpet Cleaning. He schedules the appointments, cleans the carpets, cleans the air ducts, markets the business and everything in between. He’s certainly mastered the art of juggling a carpet cleaning business!


Executive Assistant

Jill is the ‘behind the scenes’ master at Flyway Carpet Cleaning. Name any office function or marketing duty, and she is a master of it. Every business owner needs an Executive Assistant like Jill!