Why use us to Clean your Hard and Carpeted Services?

We provide the professional hard-surface or carpeted floor cleaning you need to keep your home or office looking its best – at prices you can afford. Why spend the time, money, and elbow grease to clean your hard surface or carpeted surface when you can call us? We have 25 years of experience under our belt and can get your floors clean while you do what you need to. Leaving town for a few days and you’d like your floors cleaned while you’re gone? Not a problem! Want your floors cleaned when your business is closed? Not a problem! A child our client had an accident on your carpeting? We’ll give our best effort to get you taken care of as soon as possible.

FREE Estimate

We’re so confident in our work whether you live in a large mansion or a studio apartment, you will always enjoy the luxury of knowing what your cleaning project will cost well before the invoice gets printed. Get your FREE estimate on all cleaning services today and start the process of producing a pristine environment. We proudly serve Dodge, Fond du Lac, Columbia, Winnebago Counties.

Hard Surfaces

Our hard surface floor cleaning services consist of:

Tile and grout cleaning

Floor stripping

Floor waxing

Floor maintenance

Burnishing / Shine enhancement

And more

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpeted floor cleaning services consist of:

Investigate to learn what substance is on the carpeting. Different stains call for different methods of extraction.

Spray the area with the correct cleaning solution. This solution is safe for your pets and children.

Extract the stained area(s) or entire room that you want cleaned with our professional equipment.